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Preparing Students to be Successful Adults

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Welcome to Excelsior

We take this opportunity to welcome you to Excelsior Charter Schools. We strive to set a standard of excellence in academics. All students will learn with the right opportunity, intervention, expectation and encouragement.

One Student at a Time

The state of education today is facing some serious obstacles, one of which is preparing students for college and beyond. Excelsior is a leader in our community in focusing on students taking college classes and experience success of completing these classes while in high school.

Did you know 30% of California residents have a four year degree?
Did you know that only 12 % of Victorville residents have a four year degree?

12% is not good enough for our students or our community. Excelsior Charter School, Brandman University, our community leaders, and business owners are banding together to change this percentage one student at a time. Together we are providing an opportunity for approximately 60 students from Excelsior to earn college credits during their junio and senior high school years.


Preparing Students to be Successful Adults

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